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  • EENA Conference 2018

    Starts: 25th Apr 2018
    Ends: 27th Apr 2018
    Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Laurence Marzell of Serco Limited will be presenting “Augmented reality & Virtual reality” at the European Emergency Number Association, ‘EENA’ Conference 2018 

    Posted: 6th Feb 2018
  • AUGGMED Third Pilot

    Starts: 22nd Mar 2018
    Ends: 22nd Mar 2018
    Location: Piraeus Port, Greece

    The AUGGMED Third Pilot will take place on 22 March at Piraeus Port in Greece.

    Both the VR and AR versions of the serious game will be tested in Piraeus’ cruise terminal.

    Posted: 13th Mar 2018
  • Port and Maritime Security

    Starts: 12th Jan 2018
    Ends: 12th Jan 2018
    Location: Piraeus, Greece

    The conference will be divided into two parts.

    Part A: Speeches from the local authorities and EU

    Part B: Presentations of EU Projects






    During the conference the participants will have the chance to see and evaluate the results from the above projects.

    Posted: 21st Nov 2017
  • CoU Plenary & Thematic Workshop

    Starts: 5th Dec 2017
    Ends: 5th Dec 2017
    Location: BAO Congress Center Brussels

    AUGGMED will be participating in the Community of Users workshop on the 5th December.

    Posted: 8th Nov 2017
  • 2017 CEPOL Research & Science Conference

    Starts: 28th Nov 2017
    Ends: 30th Nov 2017
    Location: National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary

    AUGGMED will be attending and presenting the Serious Gaming Platform at the 2017 CEPOL Research & Science Conference

    Posted: 8th Nov 2017
  • SRIEE 2017: Security Research, Innovation and Education Event

    Starts: 14th Nov 2017
    Ends: 15th Nov 2017
    Location: Tallinn, Estonia

    AUGGMED will be presenting the Serious Gaming Platform at the SRIEE conference in the Kapa Omega Room and at the Discussion Club: 15 November 2017, 11h30-12h00.

    Posted: 8th Nov 2017
  • 12th Virtual Fires Congress

    Starts: 29th Jun 2017
    Ends: 30th Jun 2017
    Location: St. Georgen, Germany

    Symposium for Virtual Reality, Simulation and Thermodynamics in the field of Safety & Security.

    Posted: 9th May 2017
  • Security & Counter Terror Expo

    Starts: 3rd May 2017
    Ends: 4th May 2017
    Location: London Olympia

    AUGGMED are exhibiting at the Counter Terror Expo, at London Olympia, on 3 -4 May 2017

    Stand I40

    Posted: 25th Apr 2017
  • Serious & Organised Crime: National conference

    Starts: 16th Mar 2017
    Ends: 16th Mar 2017
    Location: Villa Park, Birmingham, UK
    Posted: 12th Jan 2017
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  • AUGGMED planning meeting

    Starts: 17th Jan 2017
    Ends: 19th Jan 2017
    Location: Barcelona, Spain

    The AUGGMED consortium took part in a Pilot 2 planning meeting which included a trip to the FGC underground station network, a demo of the new immersive mode of the platform and the prototype haptic vest.

    Images from the planning meeting

    Posted: 20th Jan 2017