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  • Evaluation of Presence in Virtual Environments: Haptic Vest and User’s Haptic Skills

    Paper published by G. García-Valle, M. Ferre, J. M. Breñosa and D. Vargas, at the Centre for Automation and Robotics (UPM-CSIC), Madrid, 28006, Spain, in: IEEE Access ( Volume: PP, Issue: 99 ).

    This paper presents the integration of a haptic vest in a multimodal virtual environment, which consists of video, audio and haptic feedback. Its main objective is to determine how users, who interact with the virtual environment, benefit from the tactile and thermal stimuli provided by the haptic vest. Some experiments, which use a game application of a train station after an explosion, are performed. Participants have to move inside the environment, while receiving several stimuli that check whether improvement in presence or realism in that environment is reflected on the vest. It is done by comparing similar scenarios without haptic feedback. These experiments are carried out by three groups of participants who are classified depending on their experience in haptics and virtual reality devices. Some relevant differences among the groups have been found. Such differences are related to the levels of realism and synchronization of all elements in the multimodal environment that fulfill particular expectations and maximum satisfaction level. According to end-users, there are two different levels of requirements defined by the system. These levels are specified in order to comply with the expectations for professional and conventional users.

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    Posted: 21st Dec 2017
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