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  • AUGGMED Final Review

    The final project review will take place on 31 May in Brussels.

    Posted: 29th May 2018
  • Third AUGGMED Pilot

    The Third AUGGMED Pilot took place on 22 March at the Port of Piraeus. Members of the Hellenic Coast Guard used the AUGGMED serious game to play out a number of post-explosion, weapons attack and hostage scenario located in the cruise ship terminal. The system featured both virtual and augmented reality. The feedback received from players and trainers was positive.

    Third AUGGMED Pilot

    Posted: 29th Mar 2018
  • AUGGMED featured at Security Research CoU meeting

    Laurence Marzell from Serco and Jenny Rainbird from BMT represented AUGGMED at meeting of the Community of Users on Secure, Safe and Resilient Societies during the Security Research Event (SRE)  2017 which took place in Tallinn on 14 -15 November. 


    Posted: 6th Dec 2017
  • AUGGMED featured in Security Research Event newsletter

    Publication: Security Research Event 2017 newsletter 02

    AUGGMED is featured in the newsletter issued for the recent Security Research Event 2017 in Tallinn.

    Posted: 29th Nov 2017
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  • AUGGMED: developing multiplayer serious games technology to enhance first responder training

    Publication: Proceedings: Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, no.16, 2017

    A paper about AUGGMED, "AUGGMED: developing multiplayer serious games technology to enhance first responder training", was published at SRIEE 2017: Security Research, Innovation and Education Event, November 14 - 15th 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia.

    Posted: 14th Nov 2017
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  • AUGGMED features on BBC programme Click

    Publication: Click

    AUGGMED was featured on the BBC science programme Click, which looked at how first responders deal with terror attacks with AUGGMED's new VR training tool.

    Posted: 10th Jun 2017
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  • AUGGMED presented at Security & Counter Terror Expo, London

    Publication: Security & Counter Terror Expo

    AUGGMED demonstrated its prototype serious game platform for training security personnel at the Security and Counter Terror Expo in London Olympia.

    The event took place on the 3rd and 4th of May with over 10,000 senior professionals from Government, Private Sector, Critical National Infrastructure, Military, Law Enforcement, Transport Security, Border Security, Security Services, Major Events and Emergency Services attending. Attendees had the opportunity to trial a suspicious bag scenario at an underground metro station in Barcelona.  AUGGMED was also featured at the Advance Technologies Live event.

    To see coverage of the demonstration, see BBC Daily Politics and Sky News Swipe

    AUGGMED at Security & Counter Terror Expo

    Posted: 9th May 2017
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  • AUGGMED brings reality to the Virtual Reality training of first responders

    Publication: World Security Report News

    AUGGMED is a European Commission H2020 funded €5.5m, 36 month project, which aims to develop its serious game platform so that it can provide training for first responders. Now, two years into the project, AUGGMED is well on the path to showing how virtual and mixed reality training of first responders can be applied at a practical level.

    Posted: 8th May 2017
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  • AUGGMED planning meeting

    The AUGGMED consortium took part in a Pilot 2 planning meeting which included a trip to the FGC underground station network, a demo of the new immersive mode of the platform and the prototype haptic vest.

    Images from the planning meeting

    Posted: 23rd Jan 2017